Friday, February 20, 2009

Étouffer sur votre pitié

Je pense que votre aveugles au fait, se trouve réside mensonges. thats tous ses propos droit? Dieu, la rude caractéristiques à certaines personnes n'est fucking ridicule. veuillez ne pas jouer stupide et pense que quelqu'un a pissée moi off. vous le savez la vérité, et nous savons tous deux. tout à fait tourner autour du pot et simplement accepter le fait que je suis un peu, attendez permettez-moi reformuler cela, je suis absolument furieux avec le fait au sujet de vos mensonges. bonne journée, dieu vitesse et j'espère que vous navez étouffer dur sur ces mots.
Et n'attendez pas me sentir désolée si vous pouvez lire ceci. Je pense que j'ai sérieusement juste aurait préféré vous séjour loin de moi. Effectivement, à la fois de il vous plaît. J'ai fait avec le révoltant engouement que vous deux sont en remuant dans ma face. Vivez votre révoltant relation et le conserver loin de moi. Je ne vais pas me accepter aucun de vos jouer l'idiot stratagème, tellement juste attendre s'est réuni à ne pas répondre.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Open Letter To Homophobic America.

Okay, one question to America.

Why do you have a problem against "fags and dykes?" or to be POLITICALLY correct, Homosexuals.

First off, why is it that America seem's to have a problem with a man or a woman at that being gay or lesbian?
Seems a little unconstitutional to deny us our rights, and say we deserve to burn in hell (as the all famous West Borough Church says)

It seems a little rude to deny is OUR constitutional rights as Americans, just because of our sexuality. We are still human, not some other species or some shit. What's the deal?

The constitution grants us, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinness.
Seems a little irrational to say that only STRAIGHT couples can be happy, because supposedly is gay's aren't very happy people.


Of course, its rather amusing also, is that we have to fr discreet at work sometimes, but for some of us, we are blessed with those unique jobs that allow us to be ourselves.

Kinda like my job. I can say things you normally would be charged with sexual harrassment for saying. We can get away with it, but of course my office is practically that everyone is gay! So its rather easy to get away with our sly and witty sexually charged jokes, etc.

But also, its rather disappointing that America is so hypocritical and has to be judgemental and say that if your gay, you CAN'T work. Well to be exact, that you can't be OPEN about your sexuality, because someone else may not feel COMFORTABLE with it.
Okay? First off, would you rather sacrifice someones comfortability or someone else's job? Let's think about that first off....seems a little rude.

Also, its rather intriguing that straight men get off to seeing two women have sexual relations on a pornographic video, but when they actually see a lesbian couple in public, they talk down on them. Double standard much?

And with people harassing gay men in public, I don't take light to that, I personally hate it when someone scream FAG out of their car window driving past me. First off, what if I was straight? How would you feel then?

America is such a corrupt and disgusting place now, the equality only seems to be given to straight couples, and taken away from gay couples.

Of course we have SOME of the same rights as straight couples, we can get married...wait..let me rephrase that...we can get a CIVIL UNION...of course, with that, we only get half the benifits that straight couples get, and its not considered and official marriage.
But in light of gay marriage, recently a lesbian couple was married in Arizona! Go us!! Unfortunately, the case is being reviewed because supposedly the clerk "didn't know they were lesbians"...ugh? What did you say?

Are you trying to play off the dumb blonde card? You have two WOMEN walk into your marriage office and pick up a marriage stupid are you lady?!?

Now, back onto the topic of jobs, what's the deal? Just because we don't like to eat pussy, mean we have to loose our job, just cause we like to suck cock or get fucked...excuse my language!
But seriously, WE DO OUR FUCKING matter what our sexuality is, we. Get the god damn job done...that's all that should matter.


Obviously not.

America, you have failed in your original roots of saying we are EQUAL.

In my eyes, I don't think I can ever trust you again, due to your irrational motives and biased opinions.

Seems like all our attempts to fight for equality might just be a mediocre attempt in America's eyes, because its only working a little, but obviously America only cares for their guns and wars.


How Selfish Am I Right?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Call Me A Hopeless Romantic Or Call Me A Sinner.

So I read @acidrefluxweb's blog earlier on what valentines day means to him, etc. (

Made me want to figure why I love/hate the holiday of love.

Well, I think its safe to say, the reason why most people hate it, is because at the time that holiday rolls its face around, the person is either single and looking, or single and no one enjoys you.

I think for this Valentine's day, I'm just gonna grab a bottle of booze and a box of chocolates and masterbate.

The reason I love to hate valentines day, is because I enjoy the fact that there is an ENTIRE day dedicated to the aspect of loving someone, but also at the same time, I hate the fact that everyone over does it. Like BIG time.

Flyers, banisters, red stuff, candy, flowers, etc.
Understandable its good for the economy, but seriously? Why would someone who is gonna be alone on that day, want to see any of that? Who knows! Maybe someday that movie My Bloody Valentine will come true, MAYBE, just maybe, I can pull it off.

Seems jaded and bitter of me to say I'd do something like that, but seriously, I'm so glad I don't celebrate holidays. The only one(s) I will celebrate are:
-My Birthday (its just natural to. I mean its another year that your still alive, and the earth is still spinning, right?)

-St. Patricks Day: who the fuck else isn't going to celebrate this holiday?? A day DEDICATED to drinking and being drunk, I may be wrong on that statement, but that is what we American's have made it out to be.

To continue back on track, I hate valentines day also, because i've only experienced a valentines day with another person, ONCE.
The more amusing part about it, is there was no romantic dinner, no movie, just chocolate, a Teddy bear, a cute card, and sex.

Of course it was all nice, but I want to experience something that makes me feel like I'm being appreciated for being with someone...alas, that's probably why I'm single. Cause everyone is just to I don't know...

I also hate the marketing. It's annoying to see and have to watch everyone else SMOTHER each other with cheesey gifts and chocolate, etc.

To really define what I would do, I would personally just make it a regular day as every day is already! If, IF I was dating someone, I wouldn't smother them with gifts. I'd rather start the day off with breakfast in bed, maybe a nice passionate shower, then work if we have to work, and go to a movie and eat some popcorn etc.
Then afterwards, we'd go home and I'd make a candle lit dinner.

No smothering involved, its all romantic and passionate, the exact opposite of what most people do.

The reason I like the holiday, is just cause you can express yourself as a person about your love for someone...(don't even get me started)...and also, you can show love, of course we show it off everyday, but to be able to know that a day Marked specifically for love, is one that makes it more special.

That I think is why people smother each other and overdue the holiday. It's sickening at times when people do things in front of me on purpose, but that's only on purpose.

Its kind of irrelevant, to write this, because it makes me seem like I'm obviously being a cynical hopeless romantic, but hey!

I can be a person and express myself and my lack there of called a love life.

I also think I'm writing this, because of having to see the sickening sight of my past chapter. I've moved on from it, and still haven't answered him back, which I don't even know if I can muster the courage or honesty without being overly hostile and bitching.

But whatever, I know that he probably reads my posts when I link them on Twitter (@Dr_Jared) or on Myspace ( but what the hell ever! I,m just done having to read on his facebook and Myspace about that shit. Please don't make it that public. I already unfollowed your ass on twitter, cause I was sick of seeing that shit.

Ugh....I'm begining to rant. I'm mas! No mas senor!

I'm off, gonna find me a god damn cigarette and maybe get some mcdonalds or taco bell....I need to get home and get ready for work soon, and I want some coffee.....I still look like shit...I feel soo sore and hungover still.

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