Friday, May 29, 2009


So, my list of people for #FollowFriday are as follow:

First and foremost, this is a special shoutout two my besties on Twitter

@PostGay & @angryfaggot
These two have been following me since i started my account in late september-ish, and have been there since and made me really want to keep my account.

@Isak (he is a rather awesome guy, very sexual with LOTS of #NSFW material)
@Billy3G (him and @Isak are like my 2nd favorite besties =D)
@BadEvan>(he's a total jerkface but i love him)
@GGGKeri (she's such a doll face... =D thats right! i said it!)
@bsandusky (a.k.a. La'Brett)
@StuartEvan (and his big frakkin' bag)
@sexydeadstar ( are still beautiful with all the scars) & @BurbankBoy
@quixoticblazes (hes a total smart and cute guy)
@inebriation (mikey <3)
@hygienestudent(why aren't you dead yet?)
@Peyta (total outspoken individual. love him)
@SMMpharmd & @artemisrex (they both deliver some of the best #hashtags i've seen)
@josephchristian (for being a great guy and enjoying the music i listen to as well. #LNA)
@jstar27 (jennifer knows how to bring a smile to my face)
@jrwasu (because he stalks @ntinaz and his boyfriend)
@PierrePenguin(@PostGay's amazing sidekick)
@JuicyStory (great ideas/ideals he has)
@aja175 & @buffawhat
@rbflygal (because shes the only straight girl that actually talks to me)
@KCL1976 (he made me...cause i really do <3 him enough :D)
@kjsmith87(cause he's cute)
@volcompunk (why did you ever have to leave alaska?)
@clipperkid747 (he didnt force me like @KCL1976 so he gets extra props)
@FozzieBear (im his stalker)
@kirkfontenot & @sleepyhead026

-LGBT Rights:
@boogdog(because he's absolutely fabulous and beautiful!)



  1. Anonymous said...

    THANKS BABE - JuicyStory

  2. dhavamani shiva said...

    Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it

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