Friday, May 29, 2009


So, my list of people for #FollowFriday are as follow:

First and foremost, this is a special shoutout two my besties on Twitter

@PostGay & @angryfaggot
These two have been following me since i started my account in late september-ish, and have been there since and made me really want to keep my account.

@Isak (he is a rather awesome guy, very sexual with LOTS of #NSFW material)
@Billy3G (him and @Isak are like my 2nd favorite besties =D)
@BadEvan>(he's a total jerkface but i love him)
@GGGKeri (she's such a doll face... =D thats right! i said it!)
@bsandusky (a.k.a. La'Brett)
@StuartEvan (and his big frakkin' bag)
@sexydeadstar ( are still beautiful with all the scars) & @BurbankBoy
@quixoticblazes (hes a total smart and cute guy)
@inebriation (mikey <3)
@hygienestudent(why aren't you dead yet?)
@Peyta (total outspoken individual. love him)
@SMMpharmd & @artemisrex (they both deliver some of the best #hashtags i've seen)
@josephchristian (for being a great guy and enjoying the music i listen to as well. #LNA)
@jstar27 (jennifer knows how to bring a smile to my face)
@jrwasu (because he stalks @ntinaz and his boyfriend)
@PierrePenguin(@PostGay's amazing sidekick)
@JuicyStory (great ideas/ideals he has)
@aja175 & @buffawhat
@rbflygal (because shes the only straight girl that actually talks to me)
@KCL1976 (he made me...cause i really do <3 him enough :D)
@kjsmith87(cause he's cute)
@volcompunk (why did you ever have to leave alaska?)
@clipperkid747 (he didnt force me like @KCL1976 so he gets extra props)
@FozzieBear (im his stalker)
@kirkfontenot & @sleepyhead026

-LGBT Rights:
@boogdog(because he's absolutely fabulous and beautiful!)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modern Conversation/Socialism

So I attempted to write this post, and never did, and sent it to the Blog on accident, so it came up blank on everyone's Blog roll and on my Twitterfeed.

But I'm gonna attempt to re-write and re-establish the flow and ideals of what I was going to write.

The base ideal about what this post was to be about is how modern conversations and grammer, etc have gone downhill from the start of time.
Its kinda interesting how we as humans socialize and internet in a multitude of ways, in person, online, letters, sign language, and symbols. But at the same time, it seems the entire establishment of it all has gone down hill. How? We seem to abbreviate/shorten our words into shorter sentences and attempt to make a point in less and less words and detail, which is a bad thing, because it leaves out a large amount of the detail of the conversation or topic.

The reason I wanted to post this is because while I'm at work, I monitor that chat room, and it makes me laugh yet feel kinda immoral to laugh, due to the fact that people will sign-in to the website and enter the chat room, and initiate a conversation with people they know online, and may or may NOT know in real life, its interesting how they seem to just delve into what they are doing so openly with multiple people reading what they are doing. Seems like a bit of an invasion of privacy or even a glimpse into a private life you may or may not want to know about. A lot of networking websites seem to make me feel this way, of course it is more of a choice to do these, because we as humans feel the need for social contact. Other sites, including and seem to really allow an open ended conversation with people we know, and we can of course connect with old friends, family, etc. But what about with new people? Like people we don't know? Is that an invasion of privacy that we are allowing or just something we don't even realize? We are letting people know exactly what we are doing and where we are. It makes it seem a lot easier for someone to commit a crime or something else upon someone.

But its just really interesting in context as to why we allow ourselves to be so open about this and not care to notice, because we get social when someone talks to us that we let our guard down. I don't know where I'm really going with this, but I'll try to work some more out of this post, it seems harder attempting to post a post that I'm not in the same moment that I wanted to post it.

But on the same note I want to touch base on how we seem to shorten and use improper grammer now. We tend to not use good grammer, not that we don't use grammer in a proper way, I mean that we tend to either say a word multiple times. And expample? "and I was like...and she was like..." I noticed that I say "like" a lot in my conversations in public, and that we also seem to abbreviate our words, especially in the web 2.0 frontier. We use lol, brb, jk, etc. To shorten our conversations and establish a comical base on the topic. I've noticed that we don't use large words also, in the sense of using a thesaurus for, using synonyms instead of using such over used words.

It seems harder and harder to find people who speak with justice and poetic values, and know how to speak what they want in a way that can open new doors to people, but we choose to use such bland and retorical words that are so overly used.

I feel I'm loosing track with this post, so I'm going to wrap it up right now.

This is the worst post to date I think I've written. I am going to not do a repost of a post that I forgot to tends to be tedious to recall the information.

Have a good night guys and girls!

Thanks for your constant support and reading the Blog, it makes me smile knowing that others understand what I'm trying to say.

-Dr. Jared Michael. Sent with care from my BlackBerry®

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