Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Poems

Abysmal Black Nights

It’s like a freight train, coming down the tracks at 326 mph, and your trapped right in the middle of the tracks.

You can’t move, you’re feet seem to be GLUED to the ground.

It’s getting closer; you can feel the ground rumbling from the enormous amount of speed and weight.

Redrum, Redrum, Redrum!

“Sorry Miss’s Torrance, Timmy can’t come out to play today.”

The skies turn to a haze of purple and violet crimsoned Hughes.

The train is getting there, you can see the headlights right around the bend.

It clutches you like the cold slimy hand of the undead begging at your feet for a treat.


That train is gone, your nowhere near tracks now.

But where are you?

You look around. The world seems to be a calming and relaxing shade of baby blue skies.

Then out of the silence of hearing birds chirping and children laughing,

The skies of your pure and fantasy world collide with the realms of hate, fear and lust.


Insanity at its finest.

You clutch your head in pain and anguish,

It feels like something on the inside is trying to get out!

Screams of terror and pain echo throughout this 4d world.

The world begins to spin and swell around your sight.

Yellow, Red, Orange.

You feel immense amounts of heat burning at your face.


The screams turn to an instant silence,

Black abysmal nights, violet hues around the edges of objects.

Alien figures crawl across this darkest night sky,

They look towards the sky, as if though looking for something not graspable.


The world turns and slowly spins into a slow spin of turning revolutions.

Pain, agony, and suffering all seem to disappear from your mind and sight.


The sky is back to that peaceful baby blue ocean color, almost resembling Destruction Bay.

You find yourself awaking from an awkward dream,

You faintly remember what happened or how you got here.

You get up and walk into the now setting horizon.


Red Rose of Sharyn

Red is the color of the roses that they set on your coffin.
For the world cried on the day that you were pulled into this tragedy.
Everyone at your funeral wore black,
I wore red.
The color of blood & fire; life & vitality
To worship you in this tragic aftermath of love once lost.
The color meant all that was you in life,
Now it’s as if though you still are here,
Just as the old proverbs speak: Even through death, mortal love still prevails.
The women had their veils pulled over and the men wore suits of black-death.

The silent sobs of the fellow friends and family could be heard,
But none was greater than that of mine.
The clergy man said his prayers, just as the others did.
My time to speak,
To speak of the love, the passionate fire that was you.
Candle’s glowed around dark area,
The color of the soft flames flickered on the marbled wood.
My life seemed to end in that moment,
My fire of life & love had been extinguished.

I clutched my hands in each palm,
My blood began to boil.
The price of life is not as beautiful as her face was.
The red blush she brushed on before we left each night,
Made me cry inside.
The heart I once had, now is black and cold.
The love I once had, full of fire and life,
Now extinguished.

The color that is you.
The passion of your existence.
It’s not the price of your life.

The color of our love, now lost in the sea’s of fire.


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