Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My First Friday Event

New New New! Latest Installments

so yeah, heres the material i performed at my first friday exhibition, sometime soon ill get the photos up, but along side with these, im including some of the pieces i was expecting to put in, but due to controversial issues, language, suggestive topics, they had to be here for your enjoying please...


continue life as it goes.
ife has been set on pause,
everyone is slow, not available at the moment,
"if you would like to leave a message for your party, please stay on the line..."
where is that voice from?
the one that speaks in foreign tongues?
cross the T’s dot the i’s (eyes).
follow the large white lines,
jump from each one to the other.
an/ ocean of time seperates you from now.
meteor showers. electrical storms, acid rain
is this the coming of an end of days?
or is it the mothers of the children
sent to war?
their children being slaughtered by a foreign man?
"and so help me god!"
where is that voice?
the preacher man spoke of proverbs and psamls,
we only burned the holes in our palms...
Greater than god himself.
the devil flys on wings of lead,
so hoe does god know we have done such vile things?
"that snitch! I’ll kill the little bastard!"
his best friend,
wait that’s what he called him,
come to find out he’s been planning your entire downfall for ages.
flames surround us in the end,
others lifeless bodies lay crumpled on the ground.
"what did we do to deserve this?"
that voice seems to come back
i can recall it faintly,
from a dream way back.
i saw a woman and her child lie on the ground.
our downfall is our own self-destruction.
the only evolution is revolution.

Now I lay me down to sleep,If I die before I wake,
Then my night time dreams cause the Earth To Quake,

for sake of good for goodness sake,
these bitch ass kids talk nothing but hate,
intake out take
words fuel fire for combustion thrustin gas chamber bustin,
Wise words to the chosen,
friendly foes fight for faculty facts frozen,
mysteriously unknown lies we know were knowin,
Our eye’s are glowin,
My chest expands,
Instead of killing one another we just shake hands,
We must make demands,
Some new rules to follow,
I’m at the Oracle of Apollo,
Asking questions,
making confessions,
Sins past down from days of old,
If we leave out facts then the stories untold,
The world brings out glories when the truth unfolds,
The world grows cold as the plagues unleashed,
The survival guide to terrorism this they’ve never reached
Some bullshit lies is the reason why we fought,
Killers kill kill until they finally caught,
this world’s hatred in school they never taught,
How to deal with emotions when your coastin down hill,
And you lost in depression,
The doctors confused everybody’s second guessin,
What went wrong with that kid that night,
what was he thinking when he took his life,
Theres a way out to make it all right,
This way I know that only few found,
But You gotta ask yourself,
You willing do be down?
Down with the fam and not just yourself,
Cuz then you down wit some people always there to help,
All races colors sizes and religions,
This life is for real Believe me I aint kiddin,
Were not about the life style pop culture fag phase,
Just some people on a search for better days,
Anway’s, are blood types J positive,
Positively positive we never give in,
Were growing in numbers,
we watch the word gaze in aw,
Were all for one and one for all,
But if your not down with everyone,
Your not down at all,
Sometimes you confused you just don’t know,
But if you roll with us,
You’ll be certain you’re a Juggalo,
And if your a female and sad a lo will be your hug-a-lo
And If your a male we give you a dap dog,
cause we family,
And that’s a fact dog.


untitled firefight:

i watched the bullets fly in one direction.
she tossed herself into her first firefight.
will you listen to me as a pistol is put to my temple?
and hear the secondhand serenade of smoke rolls from out my mouth?
and star crossed lovers we shall be.
a classic romeo and juliet story of modern day romantics to weep to.
we shall go out in a firefight of bullets and blood.
"i say the future’s been drawn, so there’s no point in living" i whispered into your ears.
"dont ask my permission" she said crying to me.
when the stars cross the skies,
we shall know each other as we die.
she lent me her hand in an effort to give me her affection,
but i was only lost in with my own directions.
we shall go on down the road to strawberry fields,
forever we shall be together.
the red,
then to the bed.
we multiplied ourselves into 0’s and 1’s,
then divided ourselves into each other
as the skin of the drum was beaten upon,
we we’re looked down by the dead gods.
they mock us, saying we aren’t meant to be.
but what we could see was what was not to be seen.
i told her i wasn’t trying to be mean,
she told me i looked a little green.
face meets concrete in a heartbeat,
no time to run to my seat.
i stare at her face from the ground and see the twisting faces beging to grab her.
she screams.
the skin of the drum is pulled ever closer to ripping.
i can feel myself begining to slip.
"we shall both meet again in hell" she spoke in my ear as i watched her walk away.
never again will i be treated like your doormat,
be pushed to my edge till i’m like a gat.
i can feel the wind picking up as i walk through the fields of burning oil.
sent to the war to pick up the duties of the fallen.
so many people are dying at this moment,
and we never take the dying sense to have remorse.
except the weeping mothers, the dying fathers, the wounded hearts we keep on our sleeves.
cause no one ever does.
no one ever does.
the preacher man speaks in tongues to my ears,
as i grip my fist harder and harder.
my knuckles turn white from the blasphemies.
i can’t read between the line any longer,
the words begin to blur as i read the paper headlines.
our story of undying love and fear,
and murder and injustices has finally been known to the world.
i can hear the skin of the drum being banged on faster and louder.
the life of our sons and daughters interupted by the fear that lies beneath the water.
do we sink or do we swim?
do we look or do we turn?
do we live or let die?
can i just give it all up and find a medium for my tranquility?
again, our star-crossed romance seems to be a tragic love story.
nothing like the original material quoted in books bound by blood.
..children slaved over the materials we work for each day.
the skin of the animals bound as our covers
again the beating of the drum continues on evermore.
"MAE i inquire the reason for this meeting sir?"
the man stands before you, dressed in a suit.
his pants iron neatly, the creases to a perfect point.
does he realize he’s to perfect for this world?
can we just end everything and give it up to the greater good to decide our fates?
entwined in the fate of our love,
we scurry across the fields of oil,
the fires never die here.
the fires never die.
the fire.
red hot, pulsing with vengance for blood.
the fires which request more children to feed upon.
the fires which request more woman to feed upon.
the fires which request for the world.
the skies only want to give us air,
but we deny that rite and pollute and contaminate it.
but its always been know that everything goes without saying.
in words we speak,
in tongues we write.
everything goes knee-jerk ass backwards.
right is wrong,
wrong is right.
murder is justice,
justice is murder.
we feed upon the lives of the fallen,
and give nothing in exchange for the gifts.
greed and lust is all we know.
we cast our spells during full moons,
hoping to lure each other into our arms,
but we kept our charms in boxes marked with symbols of protection.
hoping no one found out our secrets.
i said that i cared.
but i knew it was nothing.
she said she knew of my secrets,
saying she was going to reveal me to the world for who i really am.
for i am sam.
i am labeled by your mothers clutching their children as the bad man.
i am sam.
i watched her slowly on the webcam every night,
she would let me get something to see in sight.
i know its not the most pleasurable thing, but everything seemed right.
i am michael.
i read the book of the dead to your children at night in their dreams.
i am the one who corrupts your politics,
creates and crafts all your injustices for your minds to feed upon.
i am michael.
the story goes on forever everyone.
will you be there in time to listen to it?
do you believe that we are all destined for something greater?
or will you join me as i walk along the burning fields of oil?
yes my friends,
do you remember the story of the burning oil?
almost everything set ablaze by our own mankind.
we burned and raped the land of its beauty for crude materials.
we lie ourselves to sleep in our shallow graves next to the ocean.
can you not hear it brothers and sisters!
the oceans call for us!
the crashing of waves against rugged rocks of marble and granite.
can you not feel the trembling force of the horns as they speak our names?
they tumble over our lifeless bodies as we soak in the sun.
we lie dead on the beaches of mother earth,
i am the mother.
i am the one who takes care of you,
i am the one who gets raped by you.
you are my children,
but your killing me off slowly each day.
come my children, listen to the story that will roll from my lips as i quote past scriptures of latin.
are you listening to me now?
the story of the sow,
the one who grazed to far from the fields.
she lost her life if you recall,
just exactly like the story of the curious oysters.
no my children, it is not a bedtime story for us to cringe in fear at.
these are no man’s myths my brothers and sisters.
we are at war.
i am the lost soul of retribution.
will you listen to me as i cry my heart out?
will you hear my song of the banshee?
i will shatter the world around us and show you the truth,
the truth that you overlooked.
i am the mirror of the world,
i reflected the truth from you all.
so please listen my brothers and sisters,
come my children one and all,
come my fathers and mothers.
listen to our stories.
don’t judge us due to our calls of nature to speak in words
or to write in tongues.
we deserve one more chance to be worthy,
we deserve to be accepted for who we are!
do you still not listen to our stories?
i have given you my story,
the story to the lovers,
the story to the rejects,
the story to the lost ones,
the story to the sobbing mothers,
the story to the angst teens,
the story to the reluctant fathers.
this is the story to the messenger,
who shall deliver the message to you all,
in due time my friends,
we shall view the opposite in real time.
we shall swim with the giants in the ocean
as the others sink,
you have the choice,
do you choose to sink or swim?
do we see the truth or look away?
the story is the same each time,
but its always changing.
"thats an oxymoron" says the wise-man.
"no its not kind sir. it is the truth, take a look at your own life, and come back to me with an answer." says the child who was born from the sea.
birthed in the ocean depths,
we watched as she emerged from the jagged rocks near the mouth of the bay.
a burst of light and the earth shook.
for hours it seemed, then the skies turned to grey
as we saw a figure walk along the water towards us.
from the bay to the beach.
we are met by her.
she has come.
she is everything.
she is the hitchhiker of souls,
she is the stewardist who conducts us to the exit row of the plane.
"by all mean’s captain, by all means"
the voice has come,
the one who speaks to you in war and commands you to fight for something never won.

this piece right here, is a bit where the controversy plays in, but here goes...

Their screams turned to whispers as I opened the door.

The man that said he loved them, now a murderer.

Clutching the corpse of his long loved children,

Blood dawns the walls, bed covers and himself.

His soft whimpering seems to amplify to an earth shattering cry.

He never knew life could be so fragile in all its existence.

"god shall strike down upon his soul with great vengence upon all who oppose him and he shall perish in the flames of eternal torture and deception."

Headline’s stream across the airwaves screaming


Churches fear the worst and make service in each day.

Mothers clutch your young in fear that he may strike again.


The headlines scream conspiracy and everyone fears the worst, "the wrath of god will be struck down upon this poor soul and he shall burn in the flames of Hell!" screams the reverend as he sits in his chair.

Secrets never lie, the priest was the original contribution to this horrid crime.

In the back room of the church, the whimpering of a boy can be heard.

The man’s voice cuts the air,

"shut up you little shit! And remember god wants you to do this…"


The man you though was your savior, your messiah, is only a pedophile. Slain in front of your I’s you witness the brutal destruction of your futile existence.

tonight my friends, we dance with the devil in the fields of burning oil.
tonight my friends, tonight.
will you listen to my heart as it beats into breakdowns?
do you understand my philisophical tongues of ancient prophecies?
do you understand that we are living out age old testaments that heretics wrote?
do you even consider believing?
do you ever stop to think about your life?
have you ever been to the land of oz?
are you even listening?
"mister? hey mister! are you alright?"
run along little boy,
mommy isn’t doing well today,
she has called in sick.
she still nursed you back to health,
she still cares for you.
but you struck her and told her she was a lair.
she waited,
and still waits for you.
can you not see her with open arms as we prayed to her each day?
our god is NOT a MALE god.
for HE is She.
she is all that will and shall be.
the youth of civilization understand that she is come.
my hearing seems to be impaired.
have i been listening to lies all my life?
have i been force-feed tons of bull**** from others?
yes, i have been told who i NEED to be, and not who I WANT to be.
the government pays for it you know,
they kept her hidin away for years,
they made sure her existence fell onto deaf ears.
"no use in keeping it secret any longer sir."
"release the hounds then"
the ghosts of hounds bound off into the night,
ravaging innocent bystanders will malicious thoughts of life.
who are you?
why are you here?
have you ever evaluated your life my audience?

will you please give me an example sir?


well i will read something to you then.
the story of a young man,
this story is all the bit truth, no tell-tale lies.
this boy came to me one day, and told me his story,
but it was not to be told by mouth, for they listen to us.
they are around at all times, and they are always aware.
the walls my friends,
yes the walls have ears.

here is the journal of a boy.
the journal is real, like i said before....
no tell-talle lies.

(insert journal here)

any questions my audience?
any one?
any one at all?

(if a question arises..answer)

thank you.
now if i might,
i must tend to the other stories of forgotten souls and lost lovers.
for i am the storykeeper,
my mind the book that is written in,
my lips, the utinsel to preach their stories to the world.
have you listened enough?
we have many more stories.
they fill my head will stories,
ranging from happiness to sadness,
to anger to fear,
to hate to love.

i shall end my session with a final line,
i shall quote a line from a very powerful writer,
Saul Williams is his name.

intelligence is intuitive
you needn’t learn to love
unless you’ve been taught
to fear and hate

ponder these words my audience,
please and after doing so,
open your minds to the imagination,
let it wander like the wind,
which is the moon’s imagination wandering from it’s mind.
stop to smell the roses,
stop to think of your children
stop to thing of the people we loose each day.
then stop and think of yourself.

thank you

lying crumpled on the floor, we awake from our dreams of destruction.
we look around and see the buildings laying in ruins,
we see the smoke of fire’s still burning cutting across the sky,
there is no blue skies for us any longer
only the black and red clouds of acid rain.
the taste of copper lingers in my mouth
you can still hear the sounds of the bomb dropping on the city streets.
the revolution is not over yet, we are the waiting.
the bodies of friends and family lie strewn across a dead end street
glass bottles break under the the childrens feet as we scurry across the city ruins.
someone is watching us, and we can tell by the defening silence.
can you hear it?
nothing, absolution at the peak of man-kind’s "perfect plan" for a "perfect world"
the government thought they had destroyed the weak, but we rise in numbers
this is the rise of the new age, The Age Of Evolution. and its the fall of Revolution and Society.
a new society shall be built, statues shall be ERECTED.
we shall search for survivors.
just another dream? you wake up in a cold sweat from the safety of your bed.
you fall back down and look at the woman next to you.
out of the bedroom and into the bathroom,
you notice cuts on your face, what happened last night?
walking out you leave the money on the table and leave.
driving back you notice a light shining bright in the sky.
"thats not the north star either" say a voice in the back seat.
the car swerves as you look into the back seat wondering who the hell that was.
the blast knocks everything around you down.
what happened here?
the revolution has started,
nations bomb each other in revolt.
an equivalent of the cold war, but this is no battle between the Russians and America.
this is a full-fledged war of the world, World War III has come.
The atomic bombs have been kept locked up for ages, collecting dust on them.
The rockets used for "tests" are now launched against everyone they see that is an enemy.
rolling in bed,
dreams frightening.
what the hell is going on?
is this a real war?
or is it just another dream?
you wake up lying crumpled on the floor,
smoke creeps into senses as you pull yourself off the floor.
looking around, it seems real, but is it for real this time?
a page of a book plutters down into the puddle in front of you.
it reads...
"Anciet secrets lie within it..."
The story of the mouse and the owl.
Memories flow towards you like bullets through water.
It is real this time,
nothing is a dream any longer.

and thats all folks....till later


  1. Anonymous said...

    Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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