Monday, January 12, 2009

Il sognatore

There is a man in my nightmares.

He has dark in layed eyes, supple yet quivering lips, shifting eyes watching my every move.

He is the guardian in my nightmares, a mere representation of a man I've never met.

He keeps me safe and shows me the light in this perpetual darkness and realm of terror.

He is the dreamer in my nightmares, the answer to why I wake up, the question to why it ends to soon.

What is his name and why is he here? This man, this guardian, this dreamer, who lives in my head....

He knows I want him, oh so badly...but he is only a figment of imaginative exploitations, lust, jealousy, rage, sexual arousal.

But he is forbidden grounds, for he is only there to guide me....

The dreamer lives in is all.

The dreamer is the dream.

The title is Italian for: The Dreamer,

this poem is dedicated to my friend Shane who lives miles away from me...To you The Dreamer, a work of art worthy for the books....

I await to see you in my dreams soon again my friend.


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