Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lost & Found Poems

Lost & Found

Autumn Leaves This Time

The leaves come falling

In many different colours.

Red, orange, and yellow.

They fall to the ground

While crunching under my feet

With a soothing noise.

Sleeping While Your Awake

You’re staring at the front door.

While your eyes are wide open.

Your face will start to get sore.

As the pain starts to sharpen.

Your sleeping while your awake.

The world is all asleep

While the war creates the break.

All you see is the sheep.

Sleeping underground in the tunnels.

You feel the coldness coming.

You feel like your falling through a funnel.

While the sickness is coming.

How long will you sleep forever?

In this stage of eternal never?

Informal demons

They lurk inside of us all

These informal demons

They fancy the way we move,

Eat, sleep, make love.

They study our movements

Always watching ever so closely.

They make me their home,

They think I’m alone.

They just don’t know

That they can’t do this.

Slipping, I feel them pulsing.

Pulsing as you fall.

Spinning, the worlds spinning faster.

Faster and faster.



I can feel them

They are always near me

They keep me company

They are my friends.

I can feel the warmth

Their souls give off.

Melting this frigid

World I’m in.

Unlocked from my eternal prison.

Shadows On The Wall

Can you feel them?

Can you see them?

Can you hear them?

Can you?

I can feel them.

I can see them.

Can you?

They flicker across the wall

And are hidden behind objects of insight.

As The City Sleeps

We stand here and watch

As the city burns.

Everyone sleeps throughout

The ravishing flames

But we watch as our

City burns.

Ashes flitter by our faces.

As she starts to cry

Our fine city


Beat Me Till I Beg For Mercy

I’ve been trapped here for months, years.

Sitting here pondering the reason you betrayed my heart,

And put me in this cold dark cell.

With the only light that of the lantern hanging on the wall.

I try to move around, but am always stopped.

My legs are shackled to the wall.

Why would you betray me?

We both said we loved each other!

But you came down each time and beat me till you hear me beg for mercy.

How long will I be trapped in this pit?

Will I ever die? Or is this hell, and I’m already dead?

Reflection In The Mirror

I stare in the eyes in the mirror, coldness, sorrow.

I can see them emmiting from them.

My face feels cold and the tears run down my face,

Dabbaling at the corners of my chin.

Rain Days

The days slowly drain away, one by one.

The sounds turn from loud to the soft trickle of rain coming.

It feels cool to the touch.

Satisfying my dying thirst.

It runs down my arm to my fingertips and slowly falls from them.

The first drop comes down so fast, you can’t notice it.

The cooling breeze of wind against my face from the east rolls over the mountains and leaves its trail.

Then the rain comes down, cooling and comforting sound of the pitter-patter of the free falling droplets of water is as great as sleeping on a cloud.

The mightly ominous booming of thunder comes and goes, adding to the effect of this peacefully dreamful illusion.

I sit down on the smooth surface of the rock next to me and watch those falling droplets slowly make their descent into the distance of the falling sun.

The clouds shift as beams of glamorous light flood the remaining puddles of water.

While the glimmering effect of the streams of light create, the pure and amazing sight of the crystalline water.

Go ahead, walk off

Walk off, go ahead! Its none of my concern! You treat me like S#@%, like I need not exist, when its their faults and I at least do a bit.

Walk off, leave!

It doesn’t matter to me. You walk off to escape from the anger and tension in the house.

Fine, leave, go!

I can never leave, but you can always leave.

Go leave!

Go ahead, walk off!

We are all wasting our time on petty things.

So just go ahead, walk off!

My hand around your heart

I’ve got you in my clench now,

Holding my hand around your heart.

You’ll love me forever.


I’ve got you where I want you,

But you seem to slip out of my reach.

I can feel my hand loose grip.

She ran away.

I can see terror in your face now,

Which used to be replaced by happiness.

Was it something I said?

Was it something I did?

Why are you runnin gaway?

I walk back inside and sit down,

I can still see the first day we met.

Your eyes gleamed with happiness as we locked eyes.

I am I

I am my own comclusion

I am my own lover

I am my own self confession

I am my apathy.

I am I.

I am I.

I am the strong

I am the proud

I am the self-righteous

I am the narcissist

I am the shattered ego.

I am I.


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