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[D]evil's [D]irty [D]eed's [C]hapters [1-3]

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[C]hapter [1]

I just stood there. Staring at the heap of things that lay beneath that cloth. I had to look, just to help with the case. My name’s Will Clayton, I work for the CSI. I’ve been working with them for just a year now, and I’ve seen things I wish I never had. My newest case was that of the infamous reappearance of Jack the Riper. Although Jack has been dead for way to many years, this seems to be a copycat of the murders that happened those years ago. A hooker, disturbing murder techniques and she was found in an alleyway were no one could notice or would care that a hooker would have been slaughtered. This case has been going for at least half a year now, but there have been only 4 murders, 1 including a little child. This copycat seems to also leave a “calling card”; he skins the victims’ heads clean. Is this some kind of sick joke? No. It evens gives me chills through my spine, especially since my encounter with this killer. Yes, I meet them, well sort of bumped into them on a stroll through the park and bumped into them while I was over viewing some files. I never would have thought that that person was going to be the one I was going to be chasing for weeks on end. But back to now. I picked up the corner of the sheet; the stench of the body was already filling the room second by second. I was going to throw up, this happens to me most of the time, but this was horrible. What I heard from the officers at the scene, it was as if though this was like some sick and twisted kind of love scene. It was.

Walking into the room, you could just see the violet light streaming from under the curtains if you looked in from outside. The drapes were dawned down, clad with wet blood. The sheets on the bed seemed to be like a black hole, with the color in the violet light Chains were just randomly hanging from the ceiling, with some whips and blindfolds on a rack near the closet. The closet was fully open; nothing was touched or even hit with blood. Maybe we may be able to find some prints to lift from there. “The weapon could be anywhere in this god damn room!” I heard an officer yell out in agony with fear in his voice. Officers seemed to be very scarce now, but I didn’t mind it. I could hear the sound of the blood being sucking up against the body pulled with the sheet resonating in the room. I finally pulled it off. The sight…blood seemed to be as if though there was a lake, she must have bleed to death in seconds. I noticed the marks on her feet, taking note. She had cuts and stab wounds all around her body. Her mouth had cuts across the corners of her mouth, as if though the killer wanted her to smile forever, even in death. What a sick, demented person is all I was thinking. She had the leather bound straps still around her wrists. She was stabbed to death while she was tethered down. She must have been able to get off the bed and move to the floor, but the killer got to her first. The phone cord also was wrapped around her neck. My head started doing circles, I have to leave is all I was thinking. I quickly stumbled out of the room and out the front door and threw up all over the lawn. One of the officers outside quickly ran to my side. “Are you okay?” Yeah, it’s just the sick and twisted things that I just saw. “Wow, it must be bad. Right?” Yeah. “Are you going to be okay?” Uh-huh, all I need is a breather. “Okay.” I walked back inside after about 5 minutes of being outside. It was getting cold, especially now. I walked back in the room, everyone knew that I couldn’t stand the sight, and kept to themselves. I quickly diverted my attention from the sheet, which had been dawned over the woman again to the drops of blood that lead to the bathroom. I walked in there and found it was less gruesome. Nothing seemed to be disturbed except for the bloodstains in the sink, and on faucet. There on the mirror written in what was either lipstick or paint or even blood: There will be moreThat message seemed to stick in my head. Sickening me to the bone. There was a fine white powder on a small hand mirror by the toilet; I knew it was either coke or some other drug After we all started to pack up I noticed something in the bathroom, but thought maybe I should turn in and check it out on my own time. A good nights rest is all that I need for the rest of my life! I was tired and it was starting to show by the time. 3:38 a.m. Good God! I’ve been up how long? Quickly driving home as if though I am a mother fearing the life of her children in the presence of their abusive father. Opening the door I automatically hear the chronic yet soft beeping of the answering machine. I knew that either all or one of the messages was from my ex-wife, calling me about paying my child support bills, which I have paid all the time. Or she’s telling me to take the kids for the weekend so she can go and visit her boyfriend MaƱuel (her Spanish snot-nosed prissy suck-up boyfriend). She never seems to take care of the kids, so I have them most of the time and they ask me about some of my cases and how I help them. They always love it when they get to dress up in the lab suits and act like they are solving a crime scene at home. I always create a “scene” for them and we set a time of 3 days to find out who done it. Just like clue I walk up to the answering machine, 5 NEW MESSAGES. Five wow. That’s a lot of messages for one day, which I usually get less than three a day. I click the PLAY button; you can hear the click of the machine as it starts to play the messages. *Uh…hello, is this the Clayton residence? My name is Paul Winnow, and I need to ask you a few questions about your cred…* Shut the hell up, is all I have to say. Click…**Listen You bashtard, yoush better pick up yersh kidsh. Takesh them for the weekendsh. Call me you asshole.** God, drunk again. As usual I need to drive all the way across town to go pick them up at 5:18. And I just came from over there, but why didn’t she call my cell? Oh…that’s right she was drunk and can’t remember anything except for the numbers on her speed dial! Jesus Christ! Oh well, at least I can have someone in my house that can keep me company. Click…**…** Damned telemarketers Click…**Hello William. I’ve been watching you. As a matter of fact I’m right outside your door. ** Click. Uh…that got me a bit started, especially when I did notice the bushes moved. But it may have been Ryan, my black and white tabby cat, chasing after a mouse. Suddenly the doorbell rings of the hook. Ding, Ding, Ding! God, I hope this isn’t some sick joke. I look through the peephole and notice my best friend Gale standing in the dim faded light of my porch ringing the doorbell. Okay? I open the door. “When were you going to answer the door? God you can sometimes be so mean and leave your friends in the cold!” Well you know, I just got off work like 2 hours ago and had to drive from the other side of town. And now I have to pick up my kids. “Damn…rough night then?” Yeah, did you figure that out so fast Sherlock? “Yeah, and you can lay of the attitude man. Christ.” Sorry. “Well did you get my message?” What message? “Hello William. I’ve been watching you. As a matter of fact I’m right outside your door (speaking in a deep voice).” THAT WAS YOU! “Yeah, who did you expect? Some kind of mysterious stalker? Besides, I’m your mysterious stalker person!” Yeah, you are. Gale. You are. “Well, didn’t you say you were going to go pick up your kids?” Yeah, but I got to go fast, cause she is drunk. Again. “Ah. Well can I tag along with you? I can keep company for the kids and you can sleep on the way there and back.” Okay, that sounds so good. “Yeah. Well let’s go “Where are the keys?” Here catch! I toss the keys to her and she instantaneously catches them and unlocks the door and starts the Durango I climb in back and lay down. “Where are we going?” Here. I punch in some numbers in the GPS and the map comes up with the roads to take. “Okay.” The rides about ½ hour - 1 ½. When we're near there wake me up. “Okay.” The city lights pass over the Durango and flow in like rays from the sun, waking me with every passing second. Flash, flash. Gale turned the radio on I guess, cause suddenly I can hear the sound of symphony music. Or else its one of her CD’s. I don’t really mind it. It’s really relaxing. I suddenly doze off. “Hey! Wake up, where almost there.” What? Still waking up from the oddest dream. “We are almost there.” Okay. I crawl up into the front seat and point out the next few streets to take. Turn right here, and the 4th left up here and then take east and it is the large house with the pool in front. “Okay, I see it.” We get out of the Durango and walk up to the front door. Ring! I can hear footsteps coming towards the door. “Good evening Sir.” It was her butler. Yeah, I’m here to pick up Jason and Kira. “Ah yes, Mister Clayton. Please come in, it’s a bit cold out tonight.” Yes it is. We walk in the door and sit on the bench near the door. I hear the soft thumping of the kids feet as they run towards me. **DADDY! ** I quickly stand to hug them. Hey guys, how’s mommy treating you? “Okay, but she spends to much time with her boyfriend. Its not like with you, we can always have fun.” Kira said. Jason agrees. “How is Ryan daddy?” Jason asks is the sad little voice he uses to get away with things. He’s okay; he’s gotten fatter though. Wow, you should see him! “How big is he then?” Well, he’s just getting bigger! Not really fatter. In unison “Oh.” Well let’s go. “Wait a shecond!” Her voice stands out like a knife cutting butter. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten used to it. I turn to see her stumbling down the hallway to the door holding a bottle. It was wine; just by the way she was talking. She used to drink a lot when we were together, but that’s why I had to leave. “I have to say good-byesh to my kids! Come here!” I could already smell the wine from her breath. They walk slowly up to her and hug her. “Good-byesh kids.” “Good-bye mommy.” “You better take care of them, and not more of this crime solving things you are allowing them to play. You know that makes them psychos when they are older?” Yeah, I’ve heard it all. “Well take care of them.” Okay. “It was…um…nice seeing you. Oh…what is this? Is this your new girlfriend?” Pointing at Gale. “You’ve got it wrong, I drove him here cause he got off work and I’m one of his only friends that live near him.” “Okay, I get it. You leave me for this little whore? You’re desperate. Get some help!” I notice Gale starting to get red with anger. I quickly ran over to her and told her to take the kids to the car. She did so and took them with her. You should watch you god damn mouth. Our kids were right there. “Yeah, well its not like you didn’t do it to.” When do you want to see them? “What? Oh…you can have them for the next 2 months, cause me and my lovely man are going on a vacation to the Bahamas!” And how do you plan on doing that? Could you at least give the kids some money so that if they want to buy something? “Oh…right. Here’s $200. Split it.” Okay, see you. “Yeah.” I walked out the door and the butler closed the door as I left. I notice the kids and Gale were already talking in the Durango. Wow, this is the worst night of my life. What else could go wrong?

[C]hapter [2]

We finally came to a stop. Finally we were home. I woke up and looked in the back of the car and saw that the kids were fast asleep. Wow, such a tiring ride. Gale was even starting to yawn with the anticipation of sleep. I think tonight is a night that the whole city could possibly sleep even while it is burning. Creepy isn’t it? Gale, my best friend since after my wife and I …err…ex-wife broke up. She lives down the street about 4 houses down. She’s almost 29, but she absolutely looks like she is a teenager still. She’s always been the kindest person to me. “Well, I guess I’ll walk back home. See you later.” What are you talking about; it’s like 6:38 in the morning! Stay here and crash on the couch, the kids will be in their room. There’s room for you to sleep. “Okay, well you know I’ve got to check my messages and everything.” Hmm. Want a rain check? “That’ll be great.”

Let me drive you back though, the kids are asleep. They won’t mind. “Thanks.” So we drove the little way and we chatted for at least 2 minutes. Then it just happened. Our lips made contact with each other. How unexpected. Suddenly as if though paralyzed in fear, Gale turned around and walked up to her door. I’m sorry. “Its okay…Good Night Will.” Goodnight. Trying not to be an ass, I suddenly turn on my heels and shuffled to the car.

Home, more of the same soft chronic beeping of the answering machine. 1 NEW MESSAGE. Great another god forsaken call. Unless it’s Gale, but it’s a slim chance. She probably sat down by the door as I drove away and started to become sad. It’s just the thing you pick up after watching so many movies, but this is real life and not a movie. Jason and Kira instantly seem to pace themselves to their room, I follow. I tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. Close the door and walk across the hall to my room. Finally rest. I hear the beeping of the answering machine. God Dam it! I quickly walk up and go to it, and look at the number on the caller ID. UKNOWN CALLER. Click…**Hello Will, I called a while back and you never picked up. Where are you? I’ve…** Click. Now that was creepy, huh? I suddenly hear the soft purring of Ryan coming from the front porch. I quickly set myself with a brisk pace to the door and let him in. Meow…Meow! I go and fill up his food and water dish. He purrs loudly in return for the gracious task I have given him. I walk to my room and fall on the bed. I can hear the buzzing of the furnace starting to kick on. I quickly look to my nightstand and pull out one of my pills and take a swig of the water bottle on the stand. Ah. Rest. Good for the body and soul. I can already feel the pill starting to take its effect on me. Good!

About 5 minutes later I’m fast asleep with the blankets wrapped around me I suddenly feel another presence in the room with me and look up and see my door creaking open. It must be one of the kids. No, wait the footsteps are too loud. That isn’t the kids. I quickly look up to only see the knife plunge into my stomach and ooze out the crimson red blood from the wound. I scream out in pain and terror. I can’t see my attackers face, but I can feel the strength of the knife being pulled out of my wound as I fall to the floor with a crash and scream and moan in terror. I can hear the attackers footsteps coming closer. Suddenly I hear my attacker’s harsh breathing next to my ear. **I saw the kids in the other room; you know what I’m going to do to them? ** NO! DON’T HURT THEM! It was too late; I could hear the footsteps leaving the room.

Suddenly I find myself waking up in a cold sweat. Goddamn that was some kind of fucking nightmare. I look at my stomach though, no wound. Just in case, I go and check on the kids. I walk to their room and notice that Ryan wants to go with. Okay buddy. I open the door and peer in; they are both sleeping like rocks. Wow, that was a creepy dream. Ring, Ring! I suddenly turn to run toward the phone to answer it before the kids get woken up. Hello? “Will?” Yeah. “Hey, it’s Shane.” Oh…hey, what time is it? “Um…let’s see.” I can hear him get up to look around for a clock. “Uh, it’s about 10:30 in the morning. Sleep well?” No, I had another nightmare. “Is it about your work?” Well no really, wouldn’t you? “Well, yeah. But I work on living people.” Now how comforting is that? You can open up a living person to fix them up, but it wouldn’t phase you if you were working on a dead person? “Um…Well I was just calling to check up on you. Christ!” Sorry, I got back with Kira and Jason around 7:00 a.m. and I dropped Gale off, and I haven’t slept a full day’s length in over a month. “Well, are those pills working for you?” Yeah, they are working, but I only take them when I absolutely need to. “Yeah, don’t try to get hooked on them.” Oh, I know! “Well, I just wanted to check up on you and see how you are doing.” Yeah, I’m doing fine. I’m going to go back to bed now. “Okay, talk to you later.” Yeah, you to.

I seem to feel like God just came down and crushed my parade. This whole case is going wrong; everything seemed to be going as if thought it was planned. I stumble through the dimly lit hallways to the bathroom. I need to take a fucking shower. That’s all that I need at this moment. I quickly turn the shower on and walk to my room to pick out something to wear, great, its Wednesday. Work. Well how about something more casual? I pick out my favorite pair of jeans that are ripped and tattered and stitched up, along with the worn black leather jacket. These where gifts from my friend on Christmas, it was the last time we would see each other, cause he was an teacher and he went to Africa to help the children and people down there. I get mail from him every so often and he says its great being down there, the last time, in which he sent a photo of him and the chief of the village he is helping out. It looks great! I said last time in a letter, I’ll try and save up some money and me and the kids can stop by down there and see you. Before he left he was in a horrible state of mind, his parents both died of smoking, and his sister was paralyzed from the waist down in a horrible car crash on Halloween 2 years ago. She went with him to help, since she said she would rather spend her time helping out people instead of being stuck to a wheelchair all her life. I got a letter from her once and she seemed to like it a lot down there.

I pull these of the top shelf and grab a pair of socks and underwear, always have to be clean! I grab my radio/CD player too. I set it all down on the bed and grab my CD book, what to listen to? I’ve always been a kind of metal head since my uncle let me listen to Slayer, before that my aunt had Korn and I always thought any song I heard was them, but then I heard them and have all there CD’s. But I have changed a bit since then, like 6 years or so, I’ve allowed my self to expand into Punk, Screamo, Emo and Techno/Rave. You can gain a lot of sense to why the artist made the songs if you listen and research (if possible). But back to the CD book, the label on this one is Volume 5. Most of them are labeled, since I have about 2,000 CD’s. I find my favorite metal CD. Century Media’s Metal For The Masses Volume 3, I pick out the 2nd CD, which has a mix on music. Now to take my shower. I know the kids will sleep in for a while, because it’s been a rough night. I plug it in and lift the CD player portion and hear it reading it, 20, I quickly shuffle through the songs to number 7. Mnemic – Deathbox, one of the more odd songs I like. The bathroom is already full of steam, so I go and open the window to let it drift out into the outside world. I quickly strip down and hop into the shower. The feeling of water running over a person’s body is so comforting that you feel as if though you could sleep or even that you are with God. But yeah, that’s just what it feels like, like I want to sleep, but the moment that water or coldness hits my body I’m awake. I turn the showerhead to the pulsating 3-streamed setting so I can allow it to “massage” my neck. I turn around to grab the shampoo to wash all the dirt and shit that gets in my hair and clean my hair and rinse. I wash myself down with the soap and stand up for a few seconds more before I sit down on the stand that I attached to the wall for the kids to sit on if they didn’t want to take a bath. Wow, this is totally becoming stressing my mind out. I turn the shower off and grab my towel and dry myself off, making sure not to get the floor wet.

I dry my hair and put my piercings back in. I have 4 ear piercings, 1 eyebrow piercing and 3 lip spikes. People look at me in ways that I don’t care, because this is what I want to look like. It’s just funny how people can be so stereotypical about others, but it doesn’t matter. I dawn my clothes on and apply my deodorant and cleanse my face with the face wash in the medicine cabinet. I don’t really have a lot of acne, but it’s not noticeable. I can hear the uppity sounding songs of the Hellacopters – Carry Me Home. This CD has only a few good songs. I switch it back to Mnemic. I suddenly hear the soft rapping of someone at the door. It must be one of the kids. Who is it? In my childish voice “It’s me daddy!” I hear Kira's soft voice and quickly lower the music drastically. I open the door and the steam seems to billow out and roll down the hall. “Daddy?” Yes, honey. “What’s for breakfast?” Those famous words any kid asks, or is it the one about dinner. I don’t really know. Um, well what do you want? “I don’t know, maybe Jason can pick it out! JASON!” She screams out her brother’s name and I hear him stumble as he runs down the hallway. “Yeah Kira?” “Daddy wants to know what you want for breakfast.” “Um, how about that pancake place dad?” IHOP? The one were we usually eat? “Yeah!” Okay, if you guys say so. “Alright!” I can hear them run down the hall to their room to get ready. I walk to the kitchen and pick up the phone, I remember about Gale and I press TALK and dial her number 374-8943, I can hear it ring. I quickly hang up. I can’t do this, its probably eating her alive, I guess I will have to call her later. Are you guys almost ready? “ALMOST!” I grab my phone and keys and start the car and walk up to the door to see them charging out the door towards the car. Well you guys are done fast. “Yup.” We get in the car and I turn the radio on, and ask them what they want to listen to. “How about that one band that has that song that goes like um…um…I forgot.” Jason says. “How about that CD?” Pointing to My Chemical Romance. Are you sure? This is the fast loud music. “Its okay dad, I like the cover.” I put it in and start listening to the lead singer say softly **Long Ago, just like the hearse you died to get in again, we are so far from you…(then scream) Burn It up like a match strike to incinerate! ** I can see Jason in the back starting to bob his head, and I see Kira trying to do her impression of an air guitar. I just had to laugh, and then my phone started ringing. I turned the music down and looked at the number: 374-8943 GALE. I answer it, hello? “Hey.” Hey, about las… “Not right now.” What’s wrong? Is this about last night? “No, I need you to stop by later.” Click…She hung up on me. I guess I’ll stop by later. “Who was that?” That was the lady that was with us last night, she’s my friend Gale. “Oh.” We pull up into the parking lot of the local IHOP and both of them jump out of the car and walk beside me. We get inside and are greeted and seated. The waiter asks them what they want and they say chocolate milk. Of course, then they want pancakes and sausage links. She takes down their orders and turns to me, “And what would you like today Sir?” Um, I guess I’ll take the fruit pancakes, with strawberries. “Okay, anything to drink?” Can I get some coffee? “Sure. I’ll have that coffee and the milk to you in a minute.” She walks off and comes back about 4 minutes later with the milk and coffee. She runs back to the kitchen and I can hear the clanking of dishes and pans and the sizzling of the mixtures of food and meat cooking in their own fat on the burners. Jason and Kira keep themselves occupied with the kids’ menu coloring pads.

Our food finally came to us about 10 minutes later, and Kira and Jason had about 2-3 refills on their drinks, and I noticed that they started moving in their seats. Do you guys have to go to the bathroom? “Yes!” Okay, well then let’s go. I walked with them to the bathrooms and stayed outside since they learned how to go to the bathroom when they were with me all the time. I hear the flushing of the urinal and hear water going from the faucet, which means Jason must be done, or else it's someone else. They both came out 2 minutes after each other and we went back to the table. Ring, Ring! I pick up my phone and notice the number 527-6281 WORK. I quickly answered, what’s up? “Hey Will, we need you down hear. Pronto, boss man is getting mad.” Well tell him I have my kids today! “I don’t know if that will work either, because he’s furious.” Okay, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes, tell him he better have an empty office for the kids! “Okay, will do! Oh, yeah I pulled some prints from that vic. You had at that house over on Cedar & 8th. It’s a match to 4 suspects that are in the database, and you’ll never believe this.” What? “They are all dead.” Silence is all I could believe, are you kidding me, then this person or persons must have their prints! “No way these guys have been dead for about 5 years now. Those prints would be gone with the tissue, unless they cut the fingers off and froze them.” Now that’s a possibility. Well I’ll be their okay, so tell him to calm his ass down! “Got it. Meet me in the lab.” All right. Clap. I close the phone and call the waitress over, Excuse me; can we get some to go boxes? “Sure, how many do you need?” About 4 or 5 maybe, thanks. “Okay, I’ll get those to you.” She came back and Jason and Kira stared at me for a few seconds, “Daddy, why are we leaving?” I’ve got to go to work, my boss is mad. “Oh...” I could sense the sadness in their voices. But… (They instantly cheered up) I asked my friend in the lab to get an open room for you guys to play in. “YEAH!” They cheered and quickly got up; we went to the counter and paid. They ran to the car waiting for it to open, I unlocked it and they climbed in like monkeys!

The drive is about 15-20 minutes away from my house, so that’s about how long I have to get there. We pull up and I pull out my I.D. and show pass it through the scanner. We had to do this a while ago, because someone came in and sabotaged one of our biggest cases and we just got new evidence and this invader came and trashed our equipment and stole the new evidence. We installed two-way glass windows with sliding metal doors that lock when the window breaks. So it’s locked down. We walk in and I notice Neil standing at the top of the stairs waiting impatiently for me. “So what took you?” Hey, shut up! I have my kids this week cause of you-know-who. “Oh! Is that so, well you should have been here earlier! We got new evidence on the case.” I know, Devin told me about it. And how they are all dead. “Well, I guess I’ll have to give him some brownie points!” Okay, did he ask you about that open office? “Yeah. Hey Gloria!” The women named Gloria walks up and smiles at Neil. “Yes Neil?” “Can you take Will’s two kids to Karl’s office, since he’s not here today.” “Sure thing. Follow me.” I hug Kira and Jason before they leave and I wave to them. Okay, well Devin told me to meet him down in the lab. So that’s were I’m going. “Okay.” Oh yeah, I need to go back to that new vic’s house; I noticed something in the bathroom before we left. “Alright, you’ll need to get an officer or someone to go with.” Yeah I know the procedure. I walk to the elevator and press the down button I can hear it ring as it comes up. I walk inside of it and go down and meet Devin. In the elevator is the most annoying music, that crappy sit and wait kind of music. Ting! The doors slide open and I walk down the hall and turn to the right on my heels and walk to the second door on the left. I notice Devin is already standing over the body examining it, from the window on the door. I walk in and pick up a coat and walk over to him and the body. “Hey.” Hey, so what’s new since you last called? “Well, you need to look at this detox report, cause she had ecstasy and cocaine in her system, and I mean heavy doses.” I look at the chart and notice that she either O.D. or she died from the killer, but the drug theory was not understandable to me, since she couldn’t have done all that. “And I found exactly 20 stab wounds and a cut across her check and chest.” So she was having sex with a deadly weapon?

“Pretty much.” Wow, it must have been horrible or pleasurable to her. Hey, you said you pulled some fibers. “Oh yeah, I sent them to get analyzed. They should be back here in a while, but they were fabric fibers, I still haven’t found any hair fibers.” Do you have the clothes from the body? “Yeah. They are on the table over there.” Well I’m going to check them to see if we find anything that may help. “Got ya.” I take the clothes and spread them out on the table and examine them with the black light, which it shows mostly blood, since it is a leather dress. There was nothing out of the ordinary, except for the receipt I found on the inside pocket.

It seemed to be a homemade card from a little girl named Janie to this victim, who’s name is possibly Melinda. Well it seems that we have a suspect, but no one to find out who she may be. Well, we have a possible suspect Devin. I showed him the note and he agreed with me.

[C]hapter [3] - [P]art [1]

**Drowning in a pool of my blood, it’s getting harder just to breathe! I’ll suffocate you faster just so you can see me sleep! It’s getting harder just to say the right things!** That’s the only that thing was going through my head, that song by Bleeding Through – On Wings Of Lead or something along the lines of that. It’s all I could sing in my head while working, since I never listen to music during the day. Its nearly 2:15 and Devin hasn’t gotten the results yet, but finally they came. The report showed that the fibers were from a Persian rug, which we never found at the house. So either she was killed at another house or she had that article of clothing on at another “service”. I go up and check on Jason and Kira. They are both playing in the office I got them into; they both are talking to each other to. I walk in and but they don’t hear me. “I wonder why we haven’t seen that lady that was with daddy when we where at mom’s.” Jason said to Kira. “I don’t know. But she seemed very nice and I think she could be a perfect wife to him!” “Yeah.” They start playing with the dolls & action figures. I softly rap my fingers across the doorframe and they look up and see me standing there. “DADDY!!!” Hey you guys! How are things going? “It’s okay.” Whimpered Jason. I stood there in the doorway and talked to them for a bit more, until I had to leave. Oh yeah! What would you guys like for lunch? “Can we have pizza?” “NO!!!! I WANT CHINESE!!!” Okay, well I can get you guys both! “YEAH!!” They cried in unison. So I found the phone on the desk and pulled out a phonebook and called the most local pizza and Chinese restaurants. Hello? Uh yeah, can I get some… “Okay sir that will be $10.24. Will you need delivery?”… *Now reader, you may be asking yourself what kind of stupid question I was putting in this sentence, so yeah. Just keep on reading! *

…So the delivery girl (not a guy! What a change?) Gets over here and I go outside and pick up the order and pay for it and walk back inside. The pizza guy (guy, not girl) came about 10 minutes later. I sat down with them and ate some food, cause you know, I was getting pretty god damn hungry! We sat there and ate, not talking, except for the passing by of the “outside” world **Notice how I “----“ the word outside? Meaning the ‘World’ outside of the room, meaning the people outside running around screaming and talking to other people on the OTHER side of the building.**

I finally finish up eating with Kira and Jason, and tell them I need to get back to work. I tell them I will be back in about an hour. Supposing I ever come back? Well, I go over to the vic’s house…(remember, in chapter 2? He said that he was going to go back to the vic’s house?)…So I go and call for an officer who’s off duty. “Martin Gill, sir. What is it you need?” Well, I need you to come along with me, cause I am going over to a recent vic’s house, cause I saw something that may be critical to this case. “All right sir.” Oh, and you don’t need to call me sir. Just call me Will. Okay? “Okay…Will.” **I guess he never had to call someone by their first name or he was at boot camp for far to long?** So I hop in the car and Martin gets in shotgun. I turn on the radio and turn it to 106.5 KWHL, a local station. “Uh, Will. You can’t have that on.” What? The radio? Oh, who’s gonna care? As I said that, Atreyu’s Bleeding Mascara tunes on. Martin seems to think for a second and relaxes. I can see that he is twiddling with his thumbs, which makes him a very nervous person. Or maybe he’s paranoid about the consequences? “Were are we going?” Well the vic lives across town, near the local park, a small quite neighborhood. “Okay.” I turn up the radio and scream the parts to Bleeding Mascara!

It takes about 29 minutes to get there. The house has caution tape posted all over the doors and across the yard borders. I walk up to the door and push the tape aside. I can still smell the dried blood sticking to the air. I walk in and go to the bathroom. This is where I noticed that one thing out of place. I look down at the cupboard and see that there are strands of hair caught in the frame. I pull out my hand dandy little kit, and take out an evidence bag and drop it in. I turn on my flashlight…**no I didn’t have it on the entire time like they do in TV shows, when there’s about enough light to see where you are!** … and I explore the deeper parts of the cupboard. Nothing out of the ordinary, cleaners, solvents and a couple rolls of toilet paper. The usual stuff MOST people store under their sinks.

The only thing that seemed to catch my eyes was the sudden flash I saw in the corner, under the sliding drawer, I saw something shine in the light of my flashlight. I grab it (of course, I have my gloves on. Not to damage the evidence.) And see it is a picture. I suddenly feel a presence in the room with me. I turn around and quickly see Martin standing behind me. “Did you find anything that is important?” Um, I think this may be a good clue. Pointing to the picture.

What could that mean? Follow the way of the vines? I think Martin was even thinking what it could have meant. He walked to the other room and I followed after I bagged the picture. “Wait! I saw some vines outside before we came in!” What? There are vines outside? “Yeah!” He took me outside and pointed to the row of vines crawling to the top of the house. I walked up to the side and looked up. It was about 35 feet if you fell. I would have to take the risk! I climbed up the grated side of the house, watching Martin move to the side of the house. I was about maybe 21 feet above the ground. I dared not look down again, cause I almost felt the feeling of unbalance. I finally got to top of the house and looked around to see if this may have been a clue or just a inside joke to this victim. I saw the flash of light so fast it blinded me. I reached for my eyes and instantaneously felt my hands reach for my eyes! I felt myself falling! I quickly regained my senses and grabbed the closest thing to my hands reach. I caught a hold of the gutter and kicked my feet to the house. I could hear Martin screaming into the CB to get some help over here. I was struggling to hold on, feeling my hands slipping from the gutter. I then heard the creak of the metal bending in my hands. No! I had my feet firmly planted on the grate, so that was good, so I quickly pushed myself up. I felt the gutter piece crumble under my weight as I pushed and grabbed the cord on the roof. I caught it and pulled myself up.

I could hear Martin screaming in terror, thinking I’d fallen down. But he only saw the piece of gutter fall down. I quickly held myself in place as I was stumbling to stand up. I’m Okay! I screamed to Martin. I could see him now, standing in the lawn, freaking out. I could hear the soft roar of the sirens coming closer to our site. I gained my senses back and looked back at the gutter. I inched closer and closer, keeping in mind that I may fall this time and die. I knelt down, wrapping the cable around my waist. I pushed aside the brush of leaves where I saw the sudden flare of light. ‘I found our weapon.’ I was holding the knife that we were looking for in my latex covered hands. I saw the dried bloodstains were carefully cleaned off. The whole knife was clean. I guess this was a clue, which is keeping this investigation going! I could hear the sirens near us, looking down I saw the officers and squads down below. I need a lift down! They all started moving around and they brought a ladder up and got me down.

I walked over to Martin, thanks for the help man! I patted him on the back while saying it. “Did you find something?” Yeah, I found our murder weapon. Pulling it out of my pocket in the bag.

[C]hapter [3] - [P]art [2]

I’m sitting in the back of the ambulance, being examined for any serious injuries. I’m OKAY! I kept screaming at the medic. I’m just a bit in shock! He left me after he was all done with his examinations. Martin was being questioned by his commanding officer, and I could see that he was getting angry with him. I walked over to his C.O. and tapped him on the shoulder. What’s the problem sir? “Well it seems that my officer, didn’t call notify me of this “patrol”.” Well, talk to my supervisor. He was at our offices, and I needed someone to take with me to this scene. I hand him a business card. And if there are any other questions, ask him! I pulled Martin off to the side, away from everything. What was that about? “Well I got switched to being a patrol over at your offices. But I guess my C.O. was trying to get me back to the station. Just some stupid thing that he does sometimes.” Well that’s bogus! I hope he doesn’t chew your ass any more! “Me too.” So does that mean you may be working back there? “Maybe.”

I see his C.O. walking over to us and I can see the look of disgust on his face. “Well it seems that you are out of trouble Martin! Be glad this man’s supervisor has a smooth talking mouth!!!” He walked off in a storm. I turned to Martin and gave him one of my cards. Call me some time. Maybe we can hang out? “Maybe.” Okay. Well I guess I’ll see you, later, maybe. We walked off and went our ways. It has to be about 4:52, which means my shift is almost over. Yes! I better get back to the lab, and get this new evidence back to.

I get in the patrol car and drive off, away from the scene of an almost new victim. Me. My phone starts to ring. Ring! Ring! I answer it. Hello? Hey Will? It’s Gale.” Oh…hey. “Are you gonna be back at your place soon?” Uh, yeah. My shift is almost over. “Okay, can I meet you at your place?” Um…sure. We hung up. I could hear a cold sadness in her voice. Like a ghost from the past had its grip on her. I drove to the station, and went inside and stopped by Jason and Kira, who by now had fallen asleep. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I went down to the lab. I found Devin looking over something from another case. I also saw Neil standing down by the door.

“What the hell kind of stunt is it that you are pulling now?” What’s that mean? The vic’s house? “Yeah!” Well let me get those out. “What do you mean by those?” I found two new pieces of evidence for the case. One was like a puzzle, leading to the prize. I pulled out the photo and explained to him. Okay, I found this in cupboard under the sink, hidden under a drawer. I pulled it out and Martin, the officer on patrol with me, explained to me that he saw vines outside. I know this may have seemed to be an inside joke or something, but my instinct came in. “Yeah, and your instinct could have killed you!” Well listen now, it gets better. I know I nearly got killed there, but it led to this. As I pulled out the knife, I saw Neil’s eyes grow. I heard the door to the lab open and Devin stopped in his place. Nothing is on it. I examined it while I was up there. It was hidden under a bunch of leaves in the gutter. “…” He was speechless. I think both of them were.

I handed him the evidence, as I walked back up stairs. It was 5:00. My shift was over. I went to the office with Jason and Kira, I woke them up and I told them we were leaving. They walked down the stairs to the car. It was almost dark. Even though it’s 5 o’ clock, the sun goes down early here. We drove down the street and I walked into a gas station and bought them something to drink. I kept on driving till we hit home, and I saw someone sitting on the stairs of my porch. It was Gale. I pulled up and got the kids out of the car. Gale came over and gave me a hand with them. She helped me bring them inside to bed. I closed the door and we went outside.

So what did you want to talk to me about? “Um…I read the paper, and…” Tears started streaming down her frail face. What’s wrong? Did something happen? “I read about this woman named Melinda…and I remembered that…” She could talk. “It was my sister.” I was stricken with confusion. Her Sister! But how? I never knew she had a sister! She couldn’t stop crying. I held her in my arms for the time that she cried. She lifted her head up and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I never told anyone about it, cause she was put in a hospital, one for the mentally disabled. She was their till about 3 years ago, when her term was exterminated. She called me after she got the number from our mom, and I talked to her so often. She didn’t call about a week ago, cause she always called me every week.” I didn’t know. I hugged her and whispered to her. I’m working on her case right now. She looked at me. “What?” Yeah, I was assigned her case. “So you know what happened to her!” Yes, but I don’t know if I can tell you about it. “Why? What happened to her? Tell me. TELL ME!” Okay! Your sister, we found in her apartment. We didn’t know a lot about her, but the way we found her, she was stepping or already on a dark side. “Dark side?” She was into stuff like bondage, etc. We found her tethered up. “What?” I could hear the terror in her voice. I knew this was going to scar her for life. She…um…this is hard to ask, but have you ever been told the stories of Jack The Ripper? “Um, yeah I’ve heard a few. He’s the guy that they never found, who was in London or some place. Right?” Yeah. Well there seems to be a resurrection of his acts of dismemberment and mutilation. Your sister was an unfortunate person to be one of his acts. But I am trying hard to get this case cracked. She just looked off in the distance. She was not taking this very well. Do you want to stay over here? “Um…sure.” She got up and went inside with me. I gave up my bed, and slept on the couch. She was awake after I went by the room, and then an hour later she was asleep. I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 3:49. I could hear the sound of someone or something, scratching at my door. I got up and went to the window and saw a red car pull out of my driveway. It couldn’t be Gale, cause she was asleep still. I went to the front door and on it I found a paper tacked to the door.

This note seemed to be a threat. . To Gale, but why her? I took the note and locked my doors and windows. I fell back asleep. It is the weekend, which is good, cause I get off. I wake up at around 10:14, and hear Gale talking to Kira. They were talking about “girl” stuff. Jason was sitting over by me. He noticed I was awake. “Isn’t that totally annoying? Girls.” I had to laugh. Jason looked at me like I was joking. I walked over by Gale and Kira and her stopped talking. I scratched my head. So what’s going on? “Nothing, just talking. Your little girl has a lot of thoughts on her mind.” “Yeah dad.” Is that so? Well, can Gale and I talk, in private? “Okay.” She walked off and Jason sat in front of the T.V. and watched cartoons. Kira went into the game room and turned on what sounded like the Discovery Channel. “Your girls got a lot of great ideas and things she’d like to do.” Seriously? “Yeah, but you know, you probably can’t see her a lot. Right? I mean with work and all.” Yeah, that true. I usually am ever able to sit down and talk with them. It feels like we are breaking apart, just like with my ex-wife and I. The sudden remembrance of looking at Gale arose the image of the note. Oh, last night I woke up around like 3:50 or something, and found this note. I handed it to her. She looked at it in shear terror.

“Does this mean I’m a target?” I think it is a threat. Maybe this guy is making a hit list or he’s taking out a specific family or people for some occult reason maybe. “This is getting whack Will. And it’s starting to make me worried, about the safety of me and you and your kids. I mean if you get dragged into this.” I think there is a possibility of that happening. **Trust Me.** we talked for about another 5 minutes. “I need to take a shower. Can I use yours?” Sure. I’ll get you a towel. I went to the closet in the hall and got her a towel. She thanked me. I went to my room and picked out what I was going to wear for the day. It was Saturday, more of a casual day.

I picked out a green jacket that has an under layer for a hood and sleeves. It also has the German flag on it, which makes people ask me if I am German or speak it. I say that I am part German, but I don’t speak it. I pick out my tattered pants that I “repair” myself. I also grab my boots. I walk around the room for a while, trying to get my body ready for today. I go and turn on my CD player and turn on System Of A Down’s – Mesmerize Album. I walk by the shelves on my wall and take of my shirt and toss it in the hamper by the door. I look on the shelves and see my favorite picture of my best friends from High School.

I take all my other clothes off and change into my new clothes. I fall back on the bed and pull out a book from the nightstand. **I wonder what’s she’s doing right now?** I looked into the book around, and found her number. I dialed the number and got her voice mail. Hey, well just calling to see how you are doing! Um, been a long time. Hope to hear from you soon! Call me…here’s my number. I gave her my number and said good-bye on the voicemail and hung up. Gale walked by the room and heard me saying good-bye. “Who was that? Just wondering.” Oh, that’s my friend Darci. She was one of my best friends from high school, just like Jeff. He was a security guard from the high school. I haven’t seen them in about 5 years. “Oh. That’s sad.” It’s okay, I talk to them every so often. I never can see them though. They both left state the same year. She seemed to feel the sadness that grew inside of me. She turned to go away, but hesitated and turned back to me. “Um, just a question. Do you have any clothes that would fit me?”

Yeah. I’ll get you some. “Thanks so much!” I went into the closet and pulled out a pair of pants and a small t-shirt for her. I gave her the stack of clothes and she walked off to the bathroom, I could hear her humming a song. It was a lullaby. I fell back, and started to go back to flashbacks of when I was in high school.

***High School Graduation Day*** I was walking up to the stand to get my diploma, and I walked up there and finished the whole ceremony for me. I walked back off the stage and went back to my seat and watched many other students get their diploma. After the ceremony was complete, I noticed my friends Jeff, Darci, Shawn, and my family grouped together. I walked over and they all hugged me and shook my hand. I looked at everyone and then said that I had a surprise to tell them. I found my girlfriend, and pulled her over. I have an announcement to make! This lovely lady, standing right next to me…(as I said this she blushed)…we are planning on getting married! A sudden silence crossed over our little group. They all cheered in unison. We got cheers from everyone. I walked off to the side and told her I was going to talk to some of my friends for a bit. She said okay. I found Darci and Jeff sitting down by a table talking to each other. I sat down next to them and we started talking. So how was it you guys? “It was great! Your out of high school!” I know it’s so good! “So what are you going to do? I mean like college or get a job?” Jeff said. I think I’m going to go to college and take this class, where they send you to other countries to learn the culture and language. “That’s cool.” Darci agreed with Jeff. I knew I wasn’t going to see them soon. “I’m going to be moving away this year Will.” “Me too.” Oh, where to? “Well I’m going to go live down in Washington.” Jeff told me. “And I’m going to Montana.” Darci told me. Oh, well then I should get your guys phone numbers! So they wrote down their numbers and handed them to me. I’ll program them into my phone later. So how long till you guys move? They both told me that they were going to be going on the same day. We should have a little moving away party, in your guys favor! “That’s a great idea!” A few weeks passed, and we all talked and hung out still, I went on to college that fall. I started taking my courses and I had to leave for Amsterdam. The day that they were leaving, I went to the airport with them and wished them goodbye as I watched their planes go off into the distance. My girl and I went to Amsterdam, which I was able to allow her to come along. We stayed there for about ½ year and then we went to Italy and Rome. We came back about 2 years later. We settled down, which by that time I had gotten an apprenticeship and took the actual job. We settled down and had Kira and Jason.***

I then looked up and saw that Jason and Kira were standing in the doorway. “Daddy? Can we do something today?” I heard Gale walk out of the bathroom. Yeah, we can go to the park. How does that sound? “Okay.” She ran off and I could hear her talking to Jason. Hey, you guys better get something to eat! I screamed to them. Gale walked into the room and sat on the bed next to me. “Your little girl, Kira. She told me something that I would never expect to hear from a little girl.” What is that? “She said, er, well her and Jason said that we would be the perfect couple.” I looked at her in confusion. What? “Yeah, she said that we would be a good couple.” Wow. That is something I would have never expected. I turned to her and looked her in the eyes. So do you think there is something between us? I mean like a relationship? “…” She stared at me hard. “Yeah. Actually I do believe so.” Well here. I took a big breath and said it to her. Gale, would you go out with me? She looked at me hard. I could see it piercing through her, like a knife through butter. She turned. Gale, please answer me. “Will… I need some time to think about this.” As she said this she turned her face to me, tears were running down her face. I caught them with my finger. I took her hand in mine, and whispered into her ear. Gale, you know that I will always be here for you anyway. She kissed my cheek and hugged me harder. I did the same.

We walked out of my room and into the kitchen, where we found Kira and Jason eating a bowl of cereal. I saw Kira turn and look up. She saw that Gale’s face was ruby red. She steeped down from her chair and walked over to her. She hugged Gale and asked her if she could ask her something. “So did he ask you?” “Yes Kira, he did.” Jason seemed to look at them as if though he was invisible. Kira walked back up to her chair and whispered something into Jason’s ear. I knew it was about Gale and me. Jason smiled and continued to eat. We sat down and talked for a bit. After Jason and Kira got done eating their cereal, we got into the car and drove to the local park. Valley of The Moon. We drove down there and Jason and Kira ran out of the car to the space shuttle that is there. Gale and I walked up to a bench and sat down.


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