Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Tested

I recently watched this video from Manhunt Cares, which is one of the outlets we use for our online outreach at my office, and they are amazing people with truly benificial information for others to get on HIV & STI's.

It made me almost feel like walking to the front desk and telling Alex i wanted to get a test done now...but either way, i need to really get a test done soon, its been a while since i got my last one done...

Here's one of the videos i enjoyed from their website, its called "The Test".

God...I just wish that some people would just realize that HIV is a real thing, and its not just something that can go get it, and you've got it for life.
There is no cure, no nothing, only ways to stop the virus from infecting others, and to post-pone the mortality rate of an infected individuals life.

Some people need to be informed...I'm glad i do the work i do, because without people like me, there would be no useful information on HIV/AIDS or STI's, or anyone online in the gay chat rooms, etc. spreading the word about sexual health and all that jazz.

God, i'm just glad this week is over, its been fairly much emotions spilt and shit..Fuck!



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